• Reaching Far Beyond

    aleeVee8 is replicable in all developing countries, and has been invited to undertake further scoping studies in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Mongolia, Bolivia and Peru.
  • Cutting Edge UK Youth Program

    An awesome journey of self discovery and improvement. A life changing experience.
  • A Sustainable Solution

    Sustainable poverty alleviation comes through the supporting of local social enterprises.
  • Local Social Enterprises

    Delivering social and economic uplift through community empowerment.
  • Responsible Travel

    We want to fine-tune the reality of eco-tourism

Sustainably aleeVee8 poverty by blending youth empowerment in developing communities with business and philanthropy.

Youth Board at Bournemouth Uni

Join the Youth Board that helps save the world. A student led project supported by Bournemouth University's SUBU Volunteering, this is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your employability skills whilst making a difference.
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aleeVee8 and the Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals, (MDGs), are the most successful global anti-poverty push in history.
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Nepal girl.

Our Perfect Solution

The aleeVee8 concept is simple, but powerful – enacting sustainable poverty alleviation whilst safeguarding the beautiful landscapes of deprived areas.
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The Way it Works

That's our dream. Real, permanent change. And it is so easily within our reach. We've been there. A lot. We've seen and listened.
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Domestic Violence – the need to tackle the root causes and cooperate to promote a better world!

When asked for a blog on domestic violence it brought to mind a few things which may be worth sharing.  Over the years in Nepal there has been a lot of media attention and focus on supporting...
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International Migration of Nepal’s Natural Human Resource

The fiscal year 2011-12 saw Qatar become the top recruiter of Nepali migrant workers with a total of 103,371 Nepali individuals going there to work. Along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait,...
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Frustrating…tourism is just a concept!

  Frustrating…tourism is just a concept!  I was told this a few years ago when I asked the in-country local manager of a global consultancy how the UK DFID funded programme they’d won was...
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Connectivity, Locality and a Social Mentality

There is a fact that is painfully clear to every member of this global society; our individual realms,our circles of being, are super connected in countless ways. Often the choice of this...
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